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Minimize / Maximize / Enhance

The blister is an ideal solution to minimize the space required in store while maximizing your communication space and your brand image.
This type of packaging is ideal for showcasing small products and increasing the visibility of your items on shelves.

Low cost and environmentally friendly
A durable, resistant and safe packaging solution; the blister uses a minimum quantity of plastic material making them one of the most inexpensive thermoformed solutions. Give your retailers and consumers peace of mind by protecting your product in a blister package sealed between 2 printed cards.

Great in-store visibility
Create an attractive packaging that will catch the eye of customers on top of helping you stand out on the shelves. Sealed to a printed back card, the blister pack provides a large space for communication on the front and back. Optimize your in-store space and highlight your product without neglecting its safety and visibility.

Inexhaustible forms and specific materials
There are multiple possibilities in terms of design; match the shape of your product and create a shell in your image with materials specific to your needs and those of your industry.
All our blister packs are made of materials approved by federal agencies (CFIA & FDA).

The benefits of a blister pack

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