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Protect / Secure / Differentiate

The clamshell is a double shell thermoformed part with a double or triple flap hinge.
This style of container offers an optimal product protection
during shipping and handling in store.
It’s a stable and sturdy package that can be designed in style.

Customize your packaging
Our experts will be able to offer you innovative and exclusive concepts for your product in order to distinguish yourself in store.
Add your logo embossing or even a double-sided printed card to optimize display space to communicate your brand image and have a complete package.

Safety and visibility
This type of packaging is very safe. Effective against breakage and theft, it provides additional protection for the product, the retailer and the end user. Thanks to it’s increased product visibility, the clamshell is an excellent differentiation tool. There are several degrees of resistance to the closure and they are easily sealable by adding a personalized label.

Multiple positioning
There is a wide variety of styles of clamshells that can be adapted to all types of products. Our expertise allows us to develop clamshells that can stand upright on shelves, be hooked on pegboards or even be placed into a display. Perfect for heavier products requiring additional support, they are also ideal for smaller, more fragile items.

The benefits of a clamshell

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