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Contain / Promote / Present

Trays are one of the most versatile packaging around; they contain, promote and protect your products against breakage, while making sure to showcase them at the point of sale.
The trays can be inserted in a cardboard or plastic box. They are used in several industries such as:
food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and electronics.
As each business sector has different needs, we offer a wide range of materials that meet various standards and quality standards.

Endless design possibilities
Our design experts will be able to offer you ideas for innovative trays and thus develop a unique concept for your business.
Our goal is to bring out your product and have it stand out at the point of sale.

Multitudes of reinforcement techniques
To reduce the quantity of raw materials while maintaining the level of product protection and the solidity of the trays, we use several reinforcement techniques.
Whether it’s through specific shapes, ribs or thermoforming techniques in production, our experts will know how to use the right methods to optimize your packaging.

Varieties of raw materials
Several materials are available including PET, HIPS, PP, PVC, PLA and BioPET. Most of these materials are available in different colors and thicknesses. Our team of specialists can also develop trays with antistatic, dissipative or even conductive properties. We will find the plastic that will meet the specific needs of your product.

The benefits of a tray

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