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100% integrated thermoforming - Personalized offer for your project


Prototyping & Mold



CP Formplast’s biggest advantage is our ability to create a tailor-made product according to your needs and requirements, without you having to make any compromises.

Our processes are aligned to perfectly integrate all stages of your project; from design to delivery of an impeccably finished product.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, quick and flexible responses to our customers’ needs and finding complete solutions of the highest quality.


At CP Formplast, we offer the most comprehensive design and conception services. Over the years, our designers have acquired the expertise and knowledge that allow us to offer high-performance packaging and displays, ensuring your project is a success.

Our team specializes in the art of presenting and showcasing your products, we have the ability to create a personalized and unique packaging design that will meet yours and the market’s requirements.

Give us the opportunity to impress you!

Prototyping & Mold Fabrication

Our tooling department is a world of its own: it is equipped with 4 high-precision CNCs, this allows us to provide maximum support to our customers with the fastest turnaround time in the industry.

By managing all stages of prototypes and mold developments internally, we get to work directly alongside our customers, which ensures optimal design and satisfaction.

Our team of designers and machinists combine experience and innovation to create the unique thermoformed packaging that suits each of our customer’s needs.

Thanks to our tooling services, we have full control over our creation process; our experts have the ability to design and manufacture each and every mold.


As thermoforming experts, our process offers unique packaging solutions for all types of needs, whether on a large or smaller scale.

The expertise and know-how of our team, combined with the mastery of our equipment, make CP Formplast a reliable and efficient business partner.  We can deliver exceptional results that go beyond your expectations.


At CP Formplast quality is of utmost importance.  Everyone, from management to the employees, is focused on delivering a superior product and service. We have been ISO 9001 certified since 2007.  Our quality-management system involves monitoring all our processes, from conception to production: rigorous quality control is implemented throughout each step. We are constantly looking for new ways to excel and to keep achieving the highest levels of quality.  We know our products will fulfill our customers’ requests and expectations. Our production process meets the highest levels of quality and safety, which in turn ensures packaging accuracy and employee safety.

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